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Bhushan Lele - Enterpreneur

Tampa Bay, USA

For the last 15 years I have strived to get to a certain place in my career. This is a great time for me to have met Rishi.

Though I continue to strive, I know that the next 15 years of my life are pivotal in the person I become for the rest of my life.


In the next 15 years I have the chance and opportunity to settle my body, my mind, my emotions so that my external wins and losses are less consequential because of my work in creating an unshakable and pleasant experience inside of me.


Although I’ve been listening to enlightened spiritual masters such as Eckart Tolle and Sadhguru for over a decade, Rishi has had a measurable (and immeasurable) effect on my life.


Informed by his full-time work in spirituality, his guidance has finally given me my own meditation practice which I am able to do on a consistent basis. I look forward to deepening my journey with his help.

Carmen Sanges - Scientific EU Project Leader


When I listened to Rishi in one of his first YouTube videos I felt a deep connection that I couldn't  explain until I had the chance to talk to him in a private session.


Since then and for the next year we regularly had the chance to discuss, exchange ideas and be passionate about the yoga philosophy, practice, true sense of life and pure nature of the human being.


With him I could not stop the flow of my experiences finding their own place in the memory. All the pieces came finally together.


Until I was ready to take a step forward and start his Path to Freedom program. A deep dive into the roots of an ancient world explained with authentic and unique dedication in a tailored approach.


I cried tears of joy during the sessions and found a coach, a friend, a brother in Rishi that I know will be there for me forever.

Preston Miller - Senior Software Engineer

 North Carolina, USA

Rishis Path to Freedom program was exactly what I needed to develop my spiritual practice.


As someone without much spiritual background but with access to many possible courses, I greatly appreciated how Rishi’s program went through basic concepts in a thorough way and got more advanced as we progressed.


All the while I received vital advice about my meditation practice, which was transformed over these seven weeks from being short and directionless to being extended and focused in a way that suits me and my lifestyle best.


I can’t thank Rishi enough for showing me the path and walking down it with me!

Nemita Mistry - Payroll Adminstrator

 London, UK

If you are thinking of starting your meditation journey or have already started, I would highly recommend Rishi. I came across Rishi’s YouTube videos through lockdown which really kick started my meditation journey.


I learnt so much from them and continue to do so. I love the way he explains things, it makes it so much easier to understand and every video was so fun to watch!


Rishi’s own life story also really inspired me, especially how meditation had really help him get through hard times in life. That alone was testament to how mediation can help with all aspects of our life.


In 2021 I finally decided to work with Rishi on his Path to Freedom course and I’m so glad I did. The one-to-one coaching sessions with him were so much fun and the knowledge I gained from him about meditation and the art of slowing down my life was so valuable.


Rishi is a very patient person, and he imparts his knowledge with such simplicity that it’s easier to understand. I gained so much more clarity about my own life and the spiritual path I wanted to embark on. 

His coaching also guided me through certain setbacks in life and meditation helped me get through them. I’m grateful to have had the chance to work with him and changing my life for the better.

Jasmeer Singh - Entrepreneur

 Mumbai, India

The sessions I had well introduced me to all aspects of the meditation practice before getting down to the practice itself.


This provided me with a good base knowledge for my meditation. One can expect to have interactive sessions which is also great as it adds on to gaining more information.


These few sessions have certainly helped me to go into my practice with the right mindset, knowing what and what not to expect.

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