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The Path to Freedom
 Learn the Yogic science of inner-transformation and meditation. 

The path to freedom is a 7 week coaching program with Rishi.
A  complete guide to the Yogic science of happiness and the path that leads there. 

Part 1 - The Ground

Here you learn the answers to life's existential questions.
Who am I? Why am I here? Why do we suffer? 
The causes of happiness.
The Law of Karma, Re-birth and how to attain freedom from suffering. 

Part 2 - The Path

The 8 limbs of Yoga 
The Science of breath, emotions and longevity.
2 Meditation techniques suited to your personality.
A framework for easily handling ANY life situation.

Part 3 - Making it a lifestyle 

Forming a meditation habit
Bringing awareness and peace into daily life
Simple excercise & eating clean
Slowing down & living joyfully 

This is a tailored program designed to suit your specific interests and needs.
The above is a general outline and Rishi will focus on the areas more important to you. 

To know more, book a consultation with Rishi below. 


If you'd like to have individual/specific questions answered,

 Rishi offers to have personal 1-2-1 sessions via zoom.

Popular topics

Meditation & 

Spiritual Practices


If you have questions about meditation or your spiritual journey, then Rishi can definitely help. Spirituality is something very personal & there is no one practice that fits all. It's important to find your own path & Rishi can help to identify  and design the right practices for you. 

Yogic wisdom for health & relationships.


Quitting addictions like smoking, alcohol or drugs.  

Managing anger & negative thought patterns.

Handling difficult life situations graciously with ancient Yogic wisdom.

Becoming the ultimate



When it's time to leave this planet, will you have regrets? Or will you get to say 'I lived life to the fullest!'

The ideal life has a good balance of health, mental peace, loving relationships & a clear purpose.

If you feel stuck in any of these areas then a consultation with Rishi could help you find your inner voice and open up new dimensions of thinking. 

Book a Consultation

Consultation fee - 19.99 GBP
Book your 60 min session below & we'll be in touch via e-mail to arrange a time.


For other inquries, e-mail

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