Hi, I'm Rishi.

I coach people on how to live peacefully, here & now. No matter what is happening around us, if we are skill-full, we can always find peace within us. 

When you really think about it, all we want is peace. Behind every action is a desire & belief that it will bring us peace.  

But the more we chase external objects, the further we travel from our centre. 

That's the game of life. Although peace is our true essence,  nature's illusion makes us chase it outside of us.

Those who awaken from this illusion and decide to turn inward, find lasting peace. 

I'm here to help you come back home, to the peace within you. 


The peace coaching programme 

The Path to Stillness

The path to stillness is a journey to your inner self - the source of all the peace, happiness & abundance that you seek. A journey from a scattered mind to a still mind. It is a scientific approach to peace. Rooted in Yogic Science, in this program you will learn the exact step-by-step formula to inner-peace. You will learn about your true nature & who you really are. Why we suffer, and what to do about it. 

You will learn how to create peace around you - even in the most difficult situations. How to create peace within you - by nourishing your relationship with yourself.  How to heal your inner child & let go of your past. You will learn how to get deep rest, relaxation & sleep. How to do less & be happy about it. You will learn how to set personal boundaries without guilt and see your peace skyrocket. How not to follow the crowd and live authentically instead. How to be kind to yourself, love yourself - and see that love radiate outward to those around you. You will learn how to stop wasting time and prioritise the most important thing in the world - your inner peace. 

Of course, I will also teach you the most important practice of all. The practice that will automatically create a radical transformation in you - How to meditate. Correctly. Done correctly, meditation provides deep rest, comfort, safety, warmth & wisdom. Deep states of meditation transport you back to how you felt in your mothers loving womb. Being nourished & healed, totally safe - without a care in the world. If you can meditate like this, and become totally still - you begin to receive an enormous supply of prana (the universal life force). This cosmic energy, is the energy of the universe herself. The energy that heals, nourishes & protects. The energy that provides insight & wisdom. Then, when you then look at the world through your new eyes of wisdom, your problems disappear without disappearing. Only peace remains. 


A safe space


The sessions are a safe space for you to speak about anything you want, without the fear of judgement. You will be heard, truly heard. I will listen to you with no agenda. We all need this. We all need to be heard. I often say to my clients,  I'm not coaching you because I'm better than you. Actually - it's likely that I have been worse than you. I've faced many extremes - seeing violence growing up, losing my parents early, lived the "fast life" of chasing money fuelled by drugs & alcohol - leading to addiction. Equally, I'm so fortunate that I could heal from it all. I managed to find a path out of all the chaos, or rather it found me. The yogic path - the path of meditation. I can't take any credit for my healing - because it was a blessing. From the initial desire to change, to the fortune of training with masters & yogis in India - all of it has been a blessing. So, I see it as nothing less than my duty to share this path with others. Our sessions will be a safe haven where you can open up and share your deepest and darkest thoughts, whilst feeling totally safe. 


The power of 1-2-1


The deepest transformations happen through 1-2-1 coaching. It allows us to reach the depth of your your unique challenges and find solutions that kill the root cause of the problem. This is the Yogic path. Unlike western thought, Yogic Science has proven that there is no habit, fear, trauma or mental formation that cannot be removed. In fact, this is the purpose of meditation -  to return the mind to it's true peaceful nature. Like a bright blue sky with no clouds. So whether your problem is anger, addiction, fear, or any cousin of these negative formations - you need not worry. This is a scientific approach to peace - and working 1-2-1 with me means that you have my guidance at every step.


Before you apply


To ensure I can give you my full energy & attention, I only take a few select clients at a time. I try my best to ensure that I pick the people who stand to benefit the most & that we are a good fit for each other. So the first step is a free 30 minute consultation to get to know each other. Please  apply for a free consultation by clicking the button below. 

Why I chose this path


I want you to be able to live a life where you're content & happy because you are living as the most authentic version of you. Not following the crowd - because that's a trap. A trap I fell deeply into. After losing my parents early, getting addicted to drugs & alcohol, suppressing my emotions and chasing money, I reached a point where I could no longer recognise myself. 


Chasing happiness in external objects is like chasing a mirage in the desert. You never reach any water, but you do go very far from your source. Luckily, many years ago I discovered meditation. The practice that has the opposite effect - it takes you closer to your true self. I experienced that the closer you move to your true self - the less you need to chase things. The less you chase, the more you attract what is meant for you.


That's why I decided to spend my life teaching the path of meditation. Because actually, there is nothing else to do. If you can learn how to become totally still - you will connect deeply with yourself. Your actions will begin to align with your purpose. Then what you need, naturally flows to you. You begin to experience life as the cosmic dance it is.

And that is living.


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