We have become so busy. 

Running & chasing, chasing & running. 


This makes us feel stressed, anxious, even scared.

Ultimately, all we really want is to be happy.


Think about it. Every single action we take, is seeking happiness. 
From scratching an itch to earning more money. 

Everything we do is simply to make us feel happier.

But when we DO get what we want,

The pleasure is temporary.

 Then... we want the next thing.


The chase begins again. 
Thinking that our next goal will finally bring us the happiness we seek. 


“Once I get this, then I’ll be all good”


We are like the donkey chasing the carrot that is hanging from it’s own holder.




The Science of Yoga tells us that we've got it all wrong. 


That we will never find it outside of us.


The happiness we seek is already within us.


If we can just slow down, we will experience the true wonder that life is.


If we can STILL our mind, we will experience the joy within us.
Regardless of the challenges life throws at us.


The problem is that we have been running for so long, we've forgotten how to be still.


That's what The Path to Stillness is all about.


Rooted in Yogic Science, this program will show you how to still your mind & rest in your natural state - pure happiness. 





In order to still the mind, we need to know the mind. 

Mind, body, breath & self are all connected. 


Part 1 is about self knowledge


 1. Who am I & what is my real nature?
2. Understanding the mind & 5 types of suffering 
3. How your breath can heal you mentally & physically 


4. How to activate your body's natural healing powers
5. How to fall asleep & wake up refreshed (sleeping meditation)


Part 2 - The path to stillness


1. The 5 factors for peace in relationships & with yourself 
2. An easy Pranayama to calm your mind in 5 minutes 


3. How to meditate correctly - a simple technique taught by the greats (Shiva, Buddha, Patanjali) 
4. How to slow down & savour each moment
5. How to take charge of your life by protecting your time

At the end of this coaching you will:


- Understand your mind & suffering better 
- Feel lighter & more connected to yourself 
- Know how to maintain peace with others (even if they're difficult) 
- Be able to clear your mind in minutes 
- Be able to touch your inner stillness whenever your want 



About me

Hi, I'm Rishi. I want you to be able to live a life where you're content & happy because you are living as the most authentic version of you. Not following the crowd - because that's a trap. A trap I fell deeply into. After losing my parents early, getting addicted to drugs & alcohol, suppressing my emotions and chasing money, I reached a point where I could no longer recognise myself. 
Chasing happiness in external objects is like chasing a mirage in the desert. You never reach any water, but you do go very far from your source. Luckily, many years ago I discovered meditation. The practice that has the opposite effect - it takes you closer to your true self. I experienced that the closer you move to your true self - the less you need to chase things. The less you chase, the more you attract what is meant for you.
That's why I decided to spend my life teaching meditation. Because actually, there is nothing else to do. If you can learn how to become totally still - you will connect deeply with yourself. Your actions will begin to align with what you are here to do. Then what you need, naturally flows to you. You begin to experience life as the cosmic dance it is.
And that is living. 


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