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Hi, I'm Rishi, a Meditation Coach based in London, England.


If you're a leader or entrepreneur who wants better control over your mind and emotions, let me share a bit of my journey with you.


I understand the pressures that come with a demanding work/home life.


After a challenging childhood, I lost both my parents early, and at 21, that was a lot to handle. I resorted to a "work hard, party harder"lifestyle as an escape. Five years later,  I knew I needed a change.


In 2016, I stumbled upon meditation, a practice that became my anchor, helping me break free from the grip of alcohol and other distractions. This was a pivotal moment.


Driven by the desire to share this life-transforming practice, in 2019 I quit my job and left for India to deepen my inner-journey. There I got to learn from diverse spiritual traditions, teachers, including a life-changing experience meeting the Dalai Lama.


India was a sanctuary for me to work through long stored emotions and learn how to pacify the resentment & fears that were deep within me. I made peace with my most difficult relationships and from this emerged a new sense of freedom and fearlessness. 


I am deeply grateful for this transformative journey, yet I know there's a lot more to uncover.


Currently, I'm studying under a revered Tibetan teacher as I continue to deepen my practice. 


I now help people who want to fully take the drivers seat of their mind & emotions & create a life  of peace, compassion & service.


If you want to learn meditation and seek fresh perspectives on challenging life situations, I'm here to guide you.


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