If you want to create more abundance in your life, this journey is for you. 

Each meditation contains a teaching that will help you create your abundant life. 


You’ll develop a connection to your higher self. 


You’ll discover that you’re here for a specific purpose. 


And when you align with it, the things you want begin to flow to you. 


By the end of this journey...


You will learn how to live in connection with your higher self & co-create your abundant life with the universe. 


21 Days. 21 Meditations. 21 Minutes Each.



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“The meditations reminded me of what I felt once at Sri Ramana Maharishi cave. You can trust this guy for your new beginnings”

 - Radhika S. 


“It’s like carrying  a spiritual life coach in your pocket”

- Jayati A. 


“I strongly suggest any true seekers to take this 21 day capsule, that transports to your inner core and unlocks your abundance. His amazing soothing voice resonated with my soul”

- Sriharsha M. 


“A side-effect of this series was achieving a deep state of relaxation, and helped me start to tame my overactive mind”

 - Maya B.




We spend so much of our lives going through tough times alone. 


We settle for jobs, finances - even lifestyle. 


We remain in toxic relationships longer than we should.


We feel guilty about our poor habits & health.

Never giving much thought to the fact that we are NOT alone. 

The universe has our back, but it doesn’t speak to us in the way we speak to each other. 


It gives us signs to nudge us in the right direction. 


There are no coincidences, because whether we know it or not, we CREATE our reality.

It has been said, that ask and you shall receive.

Our hearts must be open to receive the grace that we seek. 


The fact that you are on this page - is no coincidence. 


I wanna to tell you heart to heart - by doing this journey you will get the clarity you need to get what you want. 


The universe has brought you to the river. Now you must drink.


Peace & Love. 


Get it now for £21