Is the Law of Attraction not working for you? 


You've watched The Secret, started visualising & journaling your goals. 

You're also being extremely specific & FEELING like you already have what you desire.


But still... nothing. 

Don't worry, you're not alone. 


If it were that simple, everyone would be a millionaire.

The truth is, there's a bit more to it. 

Not a lot, but a few missing links that are less spoken of, I guess because they don't sell that well. 


E.g. What role does the Law of Karma play in whether or not you can attract what you want? 

If you have negative past Karma that is delaying your manifestations, how can you unblock that? 


That's one example. 

In this 21 Day Meditation Series, you will absorb all the other missing links & learn the exact step by step process to manifesting the life you want. 

(By simply relaxing & listening to the meditations)


I invite you to take this journey, and begin the process of finally creating YOUR abundant life. 





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“The meditations reminded me of what I felt once at Sri Ramana Maharishi cave. You can trust this guy for your new beginnings”

 - Radhika S. 


“It’s like carrying  a spiritual life coach in your pocket”

- Jayati A. 


“I strongly suggest any true seekers to take this 21 day capsule, that transports to your inner core and unlocks your abundance. His amazing soothing voice resonated with my soul”

- Sriharsha M. 


“A side-effect of this series was achieving a deep state of relaxation, and helped me start to tame my overactive mind”

 - Maya B.