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You’re navigating a challenging relationship

Whether it's with your partner, family member, colleague,  or even a past experience you want to grow from. You’re looking to overcome negative emotions like anger/fear/resentment, rise above the situation & handle things with grace and compassion.


You experience excess home or work related stress 

You’d like to have an easy and healthy way to soothe it daily and access your natural inner-calm. 

You want to be a more compassionate leader/role model at home & work 


You want to expand your natural potential to be more open, loving, caring & present for those around you. 


You’re working on transforming unhealthy habits 


For example drinking alcohol, smoking, unhealthy eating or even excess work & screen time. 


You’re interested in learning meditation for your personal or spiritual growth 


You actively consume online content but are looking for a structured, authentic & progressive way to learn & expand your personal practice.



Freedom Within is a personalised & structured meditation program that can help you gain a better control over your mind and direct it toward  wholesome emotional states and perspectives. 


Although rooted in the teachings of the Buddha, it is completely secular and open to people of all beliefs and backgrounds. 


In the initial 4 weeks, you'll learn how to rest your mind in its natural state.


This practice, known as Shamatha (Calm Abiding) meditation, helps soothe stress and find inner calm.


You'll try out various techniques and focus on what works best for you.


Plus, you'll get comfortable with the fundamentals of meditation, such as correct posture.


As your "monkey mind" weakens, you'll experience increased control over your thoughts and emotions while deepening your awareness.


Through the simple 4 week practice plan you will gradually progress into a confident & consistent meditator. 



I’ve been doing this practice since 2016 and it’s helped me in many ways.

Big changes 

Quit Alcohol

Quit Smoking

Stopped escaping negative emotions and began working with them

Gained the clarity needed to finally quit my corporate job in 2019


Smaller changes 

Start the day with peace & clarity

Take peaceful pauses during the day

Shorter work sessions, higher productivity

Do less stuff and enjoy it more

I love teaching it and can help you ease into the practice and get comfortable with it.


Feeling calm, refreshed & present

Deeper understanding of yourself

Calmer responses

Access to fresh insights/ideas and ‘aha’ moments


The second half of the program is focused on opening our hearts through an ancient practice called Loving-Kindness, or 'Metta' meditation.



Because the more love & compassion we have for ourselves and others, the happier we are as a result.

We worry less and have less fear. 


Just like how having a big pot of savings means you’re less affected during a recession or pandemic, 


Cultivating a lot of love & compassion means you’ll be better equipped to face tough periods like a difficult relationship or loss of a loved one.


The more love and compassion we cultivate, the more fearless we become. 



Personally, I was a skeptic at first. I didn’t see how sitting around thinking loving thoughts could change things in the real world.  But by being a little open and engaging in this practice, it’s helped me quite a bit. 



Big changes  

Made peace with a longstanding toxic family relationship


Saw that even the most difficult people in my life are similar to me in many ways, and they’re simply trying to be happy in the best way they know how. 


This view helped me overcome the fear & resentment I felt toward them, and instead opened my heart toward them.


Smaller changes

Less fear facing difficult people

Increasing capacity to handle difficult relationships

Kinder to myself, I can rest and take breaks without guilt

More open to connecting with people


There is a method to this practice and it’s best learnt gradually step by step for it to be effective. 


It’s not about imagining that you love the whole world in one meditation and then feeling like a bad person when you can't do it. 


I was taught this practice step by step, starting by recognising my OWN wish for happiness and freedom. 

If we can’t recognise our own wish to be happy first, and care for our own welfare, then we cannot truly do it for others either.  


In the second half - you will learn this practice and progress in it step by step through the weekly practice schedule.

Just like how sportspeople practice daily to win games, Loving Kindness and Compassion meditation is essentially practicing being an open and kind person in real life. 


The more you do it, the better you get. People begin to feel your new sense of open-ness and care, and they in turn become warm and receptive towards you.



Beyond learning meditation, our weekly sessions include deep chats, where we can address your real-life challenges.. 


I will listen to you as a friend, and wherever you want, provide a fresh & neutral perspective on specific life situations. 


This means that you can gain deeper insights & perspectives on how to deal with challenges quicker than, say, simply journaling by yourself.


Price: £2500

Duration: 8 weeks

Sessions: 8 x 90min weekly zoom sessions

Sessions include learning concepts, guided practice & open discussions


New Guided meditations with increasing depth and practice time provided each week


An 8-week progressive practice plan, tracked weekly, ensures you become a consistent meditator


Theory and session notes provided after each session for your personal reflection



The practices and perspectives I share with you in this program have transformed me and others deeply.


I am so confident you will thank yourself for going through this program, that I'm offering you a 100% money back guarantee. 


If at the end of the 8 weeks you’ve followed the plan and aren’t happy, you can have your money back no questions asked.


The first step is a call to get to know each other a little, have your questions answered and ascertain if we’re a good fit.


Nominal consultation fee: £20

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